Bucket List: ✔️The Mummy Makeover! Tummy Tuck & New Beginnings Part 1

Ah yes the time has come for me to FINALLY get back working on me!

I’m super excited to be able to document this journey with you and have been filming for this also, so youll be able to see how I get on, every step of the way.

So I guess your thinking, what is a Mummy Makeover? Why would she even want one?

A mummy makeover – basically it is what it say on the tin. A make over but on a whole new level. It usually entails, Liposuction, a tummy tuck and  a breast augmentation thrown in for good measure.

Whilst some mums decide to go for the whole cosmetic surgery shebang, I’m only opting for a tummy tuck. I say only, but I am shitting it!

My boobs look pretty damn good in a bra still, so ill carry on pretending they are not saggy as fuck, for the time being… and just opt in for one procedure.

So new tummy, new look, new diet and lifestyle regime =new mumma!

I’m so ready for this!

As a mum, I have dedicated the last 5 years to my chilren. I let them stretch my stomach to limits I never knew were possible and endured deep stretch marks that would rival a tigers stripes! I put on vast amounts of weight (no regrets with the eating for 2) with each pregnancy and then had two emergency c sections.

After the Grade A, caesarians, I have been left with a tiny scar that has heeled perfectly. However, I have no feeling around that area now. It is completely numb now, especially where my mum tum is.

The mum tum, (basically an avalanche of saggy skin) makes me sad. REAL SAD.

Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to shave your minky, when you have saggy skin covering it! urgh, thank god for hand held mirrors and being flexible!

Tucking my stomach into my knickers is, not the highlight of my mornings and I’m sick of it! I want to loose the rest of the baby weight, find my waist again and have that mum tum trimmed off forever! bye bitch!


On top of just finding myself again, I’m getting married. Shit is getting real. The wedding is in Cyprus for 10 days of sun & sea. So its not just the wedding day, I have to be the best version of myself for the entire holiday and beyond. No pressure, yeah?!

Ready to join my journey?  So here is the plan:


  • Find an amazing and healthy, mummy friendly diet plan to stick too. I want to slim down before I start going for consultations, hoping to ensure i will get the best possible results after my tummy tuck. I also want to break my bad habits right now and start as I mean to go on!


  • Fall in love with exercise again! I do not take to exercise well. I am on the look out to find and try some mumma friendly classes, either by myself or with my babies. Exercising doesn’t need to be all sweat and tears, there has to be something out there for me. So keep posted as I explore what’s on offer!


  • Research and visit cosmetic surgery company’s. Book consultations and see what the damage is (to my body and my wallet!) Meet potential surgeons and work out the pros and cons of going under the knife here or abroad!


  • Choose and get booked in! I promise to tell all! Giving you a complete insight to this journey throughout.


  • After surgery & recovery insight, with two kids. How will I juggle this around the babies? The hardest parts and little hacks I have learnt.


  • Results!! so this is what both you and me are probably most looking forwards too! Being able to compare the before and after pictures and actually working out if it was worth it after all?


  • Life style overhaul-Can I keep on top of my new body? With exercise, food and self love? My wedding day will be here in no time, will all of this, have been worth it?


  • The “easy bit” Adding the finishing touches of new hair, nails and tan. Getting back to feeling like me basically & walking down that isle, the best version of me!

I cannot wait to get going and I know this is going to be a wild journey but one I have wanted for such a long time.

Have you had a Mummy Makeover? Been under the knife for cosmetic surgery? I would love to hear from you and any tips/recommendations you may have. Let me know in the comments!

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Until next week,

Dream, Discover, Explore

Cherry x

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