Bucket List: ✔️Sail On A Pirate Ship!

Where:Flipper Uno ,Tenerife

Cost: ££

Que the sun, sea & pirate ship, were off to whale watch!

This little adventure has been on our bucket list for quite some time. Ever since Tyler knew who ‘Jake and the never land pirates’ were around 6 months old.

I mean, his first birthday was pirate themed because of how much he loved the show. I even made a cardboard pirate ship photo booth for that party. So nothing made me smile more, than being able to make his little dream come true!

Jump on board matey’s! Flipper Uno is a family owned company, formed in 1996 specialising in marine excursions in Tenerife.

Rated as 2017’s Excellent award on TripAdvisor, this did not disappoint!

We booked this excursion for Boxing Day as a little extra festive treat for the kids! It was the talk of the holiday, especially at Christmas Dinner by Tyler!

We was able to book through our holiday rep at our hotel for this excursion. However it could be slightly cheaper to do so, via a local agent in or near your hotel.

We booked the 3 hour trip with all inclusive soft drinks and a home made chicken paella.

On Boxing Day, we made our way from the hotel to the harbour, by taxi which was considerably cheaper and faster than booking onto the coach option, that was offered. It’s worth working out if this too will be cheaper for you as there is nothing worse than having to sit on a coach and stopping at every hotel to pick others up.

Luckily, our hotel was only a 10 minute drive away, although all up hill so there was no chance I was walking it!

FYI, the taxi drops you at the harbour door! YAY!

At the harbour there is a row of tourists shops, ice cream parlours, a Irish pub lol and Spanish restaurants to persuade you to spend the day here. The harbour road then leads into the little village with bigger shops and supermarkets.

We walked (actually more likely ran in excitement!) around the harbour to where the pirate ship was docked. I was able to bring on Ava’s stroller, which the crew folded for me and placed in the open cabin area.

After a warm welcome and safety talk on board,we were off out to sea, accompanied by a soundtrack to rival Pirates of the Caribbean. No joke.

The crew asked for volunteers to help set the sails up. A flood of young children, proudly pulled them up, whilst their mothers desperately rubbed sun cream into them.

We headed towards the open ocean in search for dolphins with a very excited little boy! About 35 minutes taking in the glorious sunshine and views, we was blessed to find a whole family of whales near the surface!

If you watch our video above, you can see the whales 🐳 chilling on the surface of the calm waters.

I say calm waters; as in: the ocean was calm for the whales in it. Not for anyone sailing or anchored on it! FML it was like a sea saw swaying up and down, even though we had stopped and the engines were off. Pass the sick bucket 😷

Poor Tyler felt very sick and unfortunately we didn’t get to film much this trip due to the sea sickness we was all feeling. Although Daddy, got nice footage of the bathroom floor 😂

After this stop the crew explained those feeling sick may feel better at the back of the boat where it was more steady. Being the troopers we are, and basically not wanting to give up the best seats in the house! We opted to stay put. It felt a lot better once the boat began moving again, plus we was lapping up the golden sunshine!

The ships bell rang out and we was handed freshly cooked chicken paella for lunch.

My partner tucked in straightaway muttering how good it was, in between mouthfuls. Me and the kids on the other hand, couldn’t stomach it after feeling queasy and opted for a banana.

The banana’s settled our stomach quite quickly and I found myself preaching about, how bananas were life on this boat!! Fuck sake 🙈

Never again will I place such miss judgement on a good old banana.

Heading back in the direction we had come, we were taken to a small bay with crystal clear waters for our last stop.

The pirate ship has a rope swing on it and we was all encouraged to have a go jumping into the sea.

I wanted to SO BAD. The weather was amazing and I couldn’t wait to jump in. But the fear of my head going under, because, we’ll frankly: I’m a pussy, put me off.

I love swimming, but I HATE water on my face or head. Weird bitch, I know…

Daddy took one for the whole team and was straight in there. Check out his go pro footage on our video!

Heading back to shore we was sad for it all to be over. Tyler had perked up and was loving being at the front of the boat so much he was up for a few selfies.

Back on dry land we have rated this:

✨9/10✨ as we had such an awesome day on board especially for Boxing Day, but a little sea sickness held us back a point!✨

The motion on the boat had put Ava to sleep for most of the duration (therefore, I’m rating it,10/10 from me! The only thing missing was wine😉)

The staff are friendly and helpful and there was photo and video opportunity the entire trip to take home and cherish. We have never seen such an amazing sight, of whales basking so calmly in their natural habitat. The crew couldn’t do enough to ensure we could all experience this. It was literally unreal!!

Food was plentiful and (apparently) tasty! Great day out, just remember to bring sea sickness tablets & your swimming trunks!

Another one off our bucket list! Ohh yeaaa!

Until next week,

Dream, Discover, Explore Cherry x

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