The Mummy Makeover: Lemon Detox

If you have been following the mummy makeover series, you will know I have been looking for a detox to embark on recently.

I wanted to do this in order to:

  1. Kick start my weight loss, resulting in huge motivation to keep the momentum going!
  2. Cleanse my body of toxins, before my new healthy lifestyle takes over (heres to hoping about the lifestyle bit!)
  3. Try and eliminate my bad food habits

The lowdown on Me & Food:

I am a foodie. I love food. My whole social life revolves around food and I’m an emotional eater.

When I’m sad, I eat. When I’m happy, I eat. When were celebrating, we go out to eat! 🐷

I have developed some really bad habits, that have helped keep these love handles firmly in place. One of the main causes is that I cannot stop myself picking at the kids leftovers! 🙈

Ill eat some of theirs, go onto eat mine shortly after and then my partner is home really late, so he’ll get a take away and somehow all of a sudden, I’ve ‘accidently’ eaten three dinners. 😳

What The Actual Fuck?! FFS, Cherry. Why is it so hard to have self control when it comes to food?!

Well self control is what your about to see, when I embarked on a liquid only detox for the last 5 days…😅

🍋Say Hello to The Lemon Detox 🍋

The Lemon Detox is a highly effective naturopathic detox and weight-loss programme, that can help your body cleanse itself of toxins. Perfect for supporting short periods of fasting, including the 5:2 diet.
true traditional fast- Complete abstinence from food of any kind but usually practiced with just water. However The Lemon Detox is in effect liquid food as it is nourish and energising. Digesting solid food consumes much of the body’s energy and over rides many of its other tasks. It is therefore import not to burden the body with solid food so it can focus its energy on cleansing.



I chose to under take the detox on easter Monday. Not sure if it was stupid,or clever at this particular moment in time!

I’m actually happy today was the start of it, as it has stopped me binge eating my way through the massive stash of easter treats that I didn’t get to finish off yesterday.

But on the downside, everyone is over and indulging, apart from me!

First thing this morning I made up the drink in bulk, and instead of having a tea like I usually would as soon as I’m up, I have had this detox cocktail, hot. A bit like a herbal tea ☕️️ works a treat! 👌🏼

The morning and early afternoon has been fine, Iv been drinking away hot and cold batches and water in between.

The biggest shock for me has been not feeling hungry! I know it’s only day one but I was absolutely terrified at the thought of not eating on this detox and having crippling hunger.

By 2pm, im have the most awful headache and I’m so lethargic. My heads pounding, the kids are screaming and I’m loosing the will to look after them. 😒

I’m struggling big time; not with the hunger as I don’t feel hungry but this headache is apart of the detox process and I don’t think I can handle it!

I felt totally unlike myself, cold, tired and just unable to even really think properly.

Off I went for a nap! (Unheard of for me!)

The withdrawal symptoms from all the caffeine I drink, are too much!

After the nap I just feel really weak physically and end up eating a cucumber to feel somewhat sane! I feel so bad and disappointed in myself. But to get through these next 5 days looking after the children and not just myself, I needed a little something!

Day 2

I’m missing food and I’m pretty sure it misses me! I miss the taste, the texture & just being able to put something in my mouth (take your mind out the gutter and stay with me here!)🤔

It’s only day two and I’m already fanaticising over eating something. The kids and fella have eaten a fry up for breakfast and had pizza for lunch. I sat there clenching my hot Detox, not daring to take my eyes off the tv. 👀

Since I have started detoxing, my entire body hurts, I have a massive headache and I just want to sleep. You could say, I have man flu with these symptoms! But as I read The Lemon Detox book, it already prepared me to feel like this – I just thought I could handle it better!

At work, it was actually a lot easier to stay focused as I just drunk my lemon Detox hot & cold at my desk. There was no little people hanging off my leg, or trying to paint the walls with sudocrem or trying to force feed me strawberries on cheese crackers (bleugh!)

I was able to go the few hours without looking or having to prepare any food for anyone else! So no temptation, Defo a plus!

Back home and although I’m in a hoody, I’m freezing! Laying on the sofa drinking water to flush these toxins out my body as fast as I can, as I don’t think I can cope with feeling like this at work again tomorrow.

I nibble away at a cucumber and oven cooked onion, its given me new life again!

By early afternoon I’m feeling pretty good! Thank FUCK for that!!!

I jump on the scales hoping for a boost; 3 and a half pounds down!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! Three and a half pounds in the first two days!! This in itself is encouraging me to go for a gentle swim tonight and clear my head.

Day 3

Oh wow! Well last nights swim has done me the world of good and Iv woken up feeling amazing!

I could never have seen this coming so quick after a bad couple of days! The fact that Iv dropped a few pounds has really helped motivate me and with the new lease of energy I’m absolutely buzzing!

The lemon Detox encourage gentle exercise if you feel like it. ‘Free be’ is a free yoga class with mindful tips with the lemon Detox.

As Tyler (age 4) is quite partial to a yoga session, I thought we could do the beginners class together during Ava’s nap.

Handy enough it’s linked to their website so we was able to watch it on the iPad in the living room and use the floor space! Check out their website with half price membership for it!

Day 4

Today I’m feeling good, Iv upped the water in take a lot more and this has made a huge difference with my head feeling “fuzzy”

As I’m going through a good 15 lemons a day, we nipped out to Costco to bulk up!

Definitely recommend Costco to grab everything for this detox as it works out so much cheaper in the long run.

Tonight me and Tyler have done some Kids yoga together, it’s relaxing and gives us some bonding time.

Day bloody 5!!!

I made it!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Woke up this morning feeling fresh although my face looked quite the opposite!

Spot galore, where all the toxins are trying to come out of my body! Iv been using a avocado mask aswell, to help draw them out and it really does look like it’s working!

Quick jump on the scales reveals another 1.5 pounds when I last weighed on Tuesday.

Total loss 5lbs!!!


My skin may look like a greasy teenager but I couldn’t be happier!!! (Just don’t invite me out this weekend!)

The Overview

The Lemon Detox was hardcore to begin with and I had to remind myself this wasn’t a fad diet, it was a detox. I wanted to cleanse my body before I started dieting and it has delivered me great weight loss results as a side effect.

Luckily, my skin is usually very clear so that will clear up very soon I’m sure.

As you know, I did eat raw vegetables through this plan (Naughty!) as I felt my body couldn’t cope or function without it.

If I was a little stronger minded and perhaps didn’t fuck myself over, by doing this on half term AND easter week, I could have done without the veg.

In order to allow
nsing the<br<b
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olid food. Damn
Always next time!

Looking back, it’s amazing to realise just how much time we spend, shopping and prepping food and then sitting down and actually eating it! Even though I missed these actions, soon I realised that it was a case of mind over matter and spending less time on this, I was able to reflect on the bad habits I seem to have overcome.

The most valuable thing I have taken away, is the positive mindset it has given me for changing my bad eating habits.

I will no longer eat my children’s left overs. I didn’t for 5 whole days, which proves that it can be done, right?!

3 dinners in one night?! Well that’s certainly off the cards seeing as my stomachs shrunk!

I’m moving forwards with my diet tomorrow and will be doing the 5:2. The lemon Detox has shown me it is so possible to reduce my calorie in take, and as the product is so versatile, I’ll be using it to support me along the fasting days.

Here’s a few tips i have found helped me:

  • Measure out the syrup with a calpol syringe! Most of us mothers will have them and I cannot recommend it enough. It measures it easily and without getting sticky syrup everywhere.
  • Make up batch drinks so when you need it, it’s ready and waiting!
  • Try it hot! It’s like a herbal tea. Yum!
  • Drink from a wine/cocktail glass! Trust me here, when I drank it from a wine glass, garnished with some lemon and orange on the side, it felt like a little treat. It’s all physiological here right! My wine glass holds a full bottle of wine, so getting through the ‘cocktail’ it was pretty easy when I had it permanently in my hand. Not that I’m a wino or anything 👀😅

🍋 To celebrate my success with the detox, I have a very special competition to run with The Lemon Detox company! 🍋

🍋 Click here  or click on the WIN homepage, to answer our give away question and to be in for your chance to win a detox!! 🍋

Until Next Week,

Dream,Discover, Explore

Cherry x

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