Bucket List:✔️Raver Tots Rave

Where: Raver Tots; Old Skool garage event Vanilla Night Club, Windsor, UK.

Cost: £

As a family, we are forever looking for a new way to enjoy time together. We came across Raver Tots online and just knew we HAD to experience this new craze!

A chance to relive your youth, dancing to your favorite club bangers, in a child friendly rave?! Sounds insane right?

Nope, and we just ticked it off our list!

Raver tots is a family rave where both adults and kids can hit the dancefloor and let off some steam! All ages are welcome, although it is ideal for 0-12 year olds.

Raver Tots was founded last year and has been so popular we had to waited till now, so we could book. Besides garage, raver tots features some of the biggest artist in dance music. Expect to hear everything from old skool, house, garage, drum and base. Their resident DJs include Artful Dodger, Brandon Block & Nicky Blackmarket.

Hidden in the backstreets of Windsor, down a cobbled street and just a stone throw away from Windsor Castle, we headed to Vanilla nightclub. There was a short wait outside and once tickets were checked before the doors opened, we were quickly inside!

Making our way through to the main room, we bought flashing glow sticks on sale (£5/each) and dropped our coats off into the coat room.

Vanilla was packed full of every child’s dream; soft play area & ball bit, XXL balloons and inflatables bouncing through the air, as the disco lighting danced in tune to the rhythm. Crazy confetti cannons blasted into the air, throughout the session, covering the dancefloor with colourful confetti. The children absolutely loved this part!

UV face painting was available at just £3, which I thought was good value. A lot of parents were also getting into the mood, having their faces painted as well as their kids. So FYI, its not all about the little ones!

Not only was the music on point, but the kids were enjoying getting down with their parents. Have you ever seen parents willingly want to dance at a kids party? Well Raver Tots have made that happen! Spider girl and a pink power ranger were also on stage, hyping up and waving to the crowds.

The bars was open, serving not only bottled water and fruit shoots, but also alcohol. Helllooooo, well its no wonder so many mothers had a smile across their faces! We sipped white wine, chased our little ones and gave ourselves an imaginary pat on the back for finding this little gem!

We finished the day off with a cheeky Nandos, just 5 minutes walk away. Its in a great location, to make a whole day of it in Windsor. There is shopping and food eateries at your door step. Ample parking and a train station, not to mention the queens residents just across the road!

A great afternoon out, approved by mine, aged (nearly) 2 and 4 and two happy parents, who have been able to get the kid to bed early tonight!

We would rate this experience 9/10, missing 1 point for the fact that, I thought it was a little cheeky that you have to spend £10 a go, at the bar to pay on card. The ticket prices are reasonable but I don’t think you then should have to pay nigh club prices on drinks, during a special event during the day.

So a little heads up if you go, take cash! There is also plenty of seating and spacing to park buggies, however, I didn’t notice too many in there. Lots of babies in slings and there are also mini ear muffs should you feel its needed for them. The music level is perfect, loud enough to create an awesome atmosphere but quiet enough to be able to speak to each other without shouting.

If you do decide to book, I hope you have as much fun as we did. Make sure to bring cash and grab a well deserved chilled glass of wine whilst the little ones have the time of their lives!

Click here to find a Raver Tots event near you! Raver Tots Tickets

Until next time,

Dream, Discover Explore!

Cherry x

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