The Mummy Makeover! Part 4: New Exercise Regime

Just over a week ago I started my detox on my ‘mummy makeover journey’. You can read more about the detox here. 

Don’t forget to enter into our prize draw to WIN your own detox, courtesy of Lemon Detox. Click here to nip over to my competition page.

So this week, as part of The Make Over Series, I wanted to update you on my new exercise regimes. I have literally been out and about trying to find an exercise class/sport that I can fall in love with again, that tick all the boxes and I’m happy to stick too…

img_8357Exercise Loves-  BuggyFit

Where: Local instructors – check out their website to find your local class

Pros:Designed for new mums (baby’s from 6 months), Getting fresh air, meeting other mums, Suits all fitness abilities, Free adnominal muscle separation check, Affordable classes & no childcare to arrange!

Cons: If it rains, bitch your getting wet!


I have totally fallen in love with this outdoor exercise company called Buggyfit. It really is the ultimate fitness class for mums & their babies! Something that I’m now kicking myself about not finding and joining sooner!

Getting fit with your baby in tow, both getting out of the house and into the fresh air – no brainer really!

Since looking into new exercise classes that fit around my work, I just could not bring myself to (in my eyes) ‘dump my child into childcare’ whilst I nip to my class. Whilst I know she would be fully cared for at the gyms crèche or a childminder, I still feel uneasy about anyone unfamiliar looking after my children. This class just ticked all the boxes for me! plus, no need to pay for any childcare on top – winner!

Gemma who runs my local class is so lovely and welcoming. The classes are all bookable in advance so you get to catch up with the same mum’s and baby’s every week. For anyone who fancy’s getting more active and out the house with their baby and would also like to meet some more like minded mum – here’s your spot Mumma!

It didn’t matter that I was actually a real life potato before turning up here one morning. The classes allow you to develop at your own pace and achieve your own goals although giving you that push, which was a perfect balance.

I love that there is no pressure for you to be 100% attentive to the class 100% of the time. If your baby cries or you need to change/feed them, its just no problem! This in itself just takes the pressure off us, when we are trying to wing so much all the time.

So in a nutshell, I absolutely loved this class, signed up for 6 more, sweated my saggy tits off, bribed my daughter to sit in the buggy with chocolate biscuits and then finished my morning off at the café with a well deserved coffee! I can see this sticking in my regime, and I cant wait for next week!!

Exercise Loves-  Swimming

Where: Local public/private swimming pools worldwide

Pros: Gives you a full body work out, Very cheap to do, Requires no extra equipment, Burns those bastard calories, Distresses and relaxes, no sweaty feeling and the water supports the body.

Cons: Getting your butt into a bikini, Having to shave your legs, Having to tan everywhere and not just the ‘Bits on show like with usual clothes!


Does the thought of squeezing your bumps and lumps into a swimsuit scare you?!

Oh fuck, me too!! but this little Mumma just discovered Ladies Only Swimming nights! Can I get a hell yessss! This has enabled me to bite the bullet and pull my mum tum into a cozzie and get in that pool! As its on in the evenings I don’t need to worry about childcare either.

Whilst it is no where near as relaxing or glamorous as the photo above may appear to be, its one hell of a full body work out! And if the thought of that, is enough to turn your head, then this may just be for you too!

I have found by swimming lengths in the deep end, I literally have to keep swimming or my fat arse will sink (cannot tread water!) Therefore I have to keep going! The only way I can stop, is if I hang onto the end for a few moments to catch my breath. Although it sounds like hard work, I have actually enjoyed the quiet time to myself and reflection.

There are aqua exercise classes on this particular evening also, but I’m unable to make them as my partner works till late. Can I say though – their work out soundtrack is the one!! Its blaring away from the pool in front and I basically swim up and down singing Destiny’s Child -“Survivor”,  whilst trying not to drown. Ironic really…

This has also been a keeper on my weekly exercise regime and I’m so happy I (literally) took the plunge and jumped back into it. Its given me some quiet time that I would not really get when I’m at home. The protein smoothies after are a big plus too!

I am going once a week to the ladies evening but would love to take both the kids swimming one day after school as well, just to get another session in for us all.

So there we have it! Tried and tested and totally do able! Ill be blogging about my new food habits next on this series. Meanwhile if your not already, for daily insights to our little world!


And of course, if you fancy joining me in the classes, feel free! Drop me a message!

Until next week,

Dream, Discover, Explore

Cherry x

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