Bucket List: ✔️Bake Challah Together


Where: NW London @ Challah Mummy HQ

Cost: ££ Affordable Family Fun!

Like most children, my kids LOVE to be hands on and getting stuck when they play. Anything that means they are getting dirty and messy, of course is a winner for them!

We love to mould playdough together, make slime but very rarely do we bake! This is mainly because I have a secret cooking phobia – not so much that I’m afraid to be in the kitchen, but more the fact I am so unconfident when it comes to cooking food. I’m scared to fuck things up!

I would say this stems back from not being allowed in the kitchen when I was younger due to me and my sister making a mess that my mother couldn’t stand! Of course, our bucket list is about growing, and stretching ourselves as mini’s and mumma’s and I really want my children to discover and explore as they grow.

So with two very enthusiastic children we searched for something different to bake, something different to mould and really get hands on together as a family.

We discovered Challah Mummy, the queen of the Jewish traditional bread with a modern twist and was invited to attend her workshop in Hendon, NW London.


What is Challah?

Challah is a loaf of yeast-risen egg bread that is traditionally eaten by Jews and is the Jewish Sabbath‑and‑holiday bread.

Challah is so versatile it can be braided and twisted to create beautiful – and yummy- sweet or savory bread. Its a texture between fresh bread and  pastry.


With our matching aprons (super cute may I add!) we met the wonderful Allegra, who is the creator of Challah Mummy. She welcomed Tyler, Ava, my partner and I into her stunning workshop to have some baking fun!

As we got stuck in helping the children to kneed the dough, my anxiety (and shoes!)melted away. All that mum guilt of not doing this enough with them, left me. I guess that’s how you know when a bucket list goal was really important. Watching them enjoying themselves and learning something new together, made my heart warm.


Challah mummy was so inviting, encouraging and made the experience so much fun, not just for my children but for our whole family. Her beautiful children were also at our class, so it was lovely to see first hand how much they enjoyed baking with their mother too – so special!

Much to my children excitement we used Nutella spread and a range of different sprinkles in the layers, to fill and decorate ours.

Allerga has so many ideas on different combinations and delicious flavors for her Challahs. Me & my partner especially like the thought of a savory cheese and pesto twist.  They look stunning and a real conversation starter at dinner parties, yet so simple to create! Pop over to her instragram page to get your inspiration!


You can book a 1-2-1 or group workshop with Challah Mummy by visiting her website http://www.challahmummy.wordpress.com or find out more by visiting her instagram @challahmummy

Matching aprons by Cheryl on Facebook – Crafts By CherylGB

Until next week,

Dream, Discover, Explore.

Cherry x

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