Be A Priority In Your Life! πŸ’—

So naturally on the subject of Self Love and care, I’m going to throw that expected selfie out there!

You see, most people think of self love as being super vain and being ‘into’ yourself when it’s actually something a lot less superficial than just looks.

Well let me tell you, Self Love, respect and care is the best lesson you could ever teach yourself.

It’s taken years for me to truly love the person i see looking back at me in the mirror. Not because I think I look perfect, but because of passed experiences I am now fully in love with the woman I have become. You just gotta own it πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

I used to think giving myself some love was (πŸ˜‰dirty bitch!) ‘treating myself’ to that bubble bath, that dessert I really wanted or permission to order that dress I am obsessing over. When really Self Love and care is so much more basic and (totally less materialistic) than that.

It’s listening to you and your body’s needs and actually putting yourself for once.

It’s Making your god damn self a priority!!

I tend to run myself into the ground (ALOT) juggling a hectic work and social life, as-well as being a Mumma.

The little things I should be doing for myself really do take a back seat until that last minute. And at that last minute usually results in me becoming exhausted and needing major time out because I wasn’t putting myself first.

Iv come to realise that if I want to continue juggling this amazing little lifestyle I have worked so hard to create, then something has to change.

Us mums cannot give 100% to our babies all the time, especially if we’re running on empty. It’s time to make ourselves a priority πŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Last year I was admitted into hospital with exhaustion and it completely scared the shit out of me.

Not even having the physical strength to get out the bed and tend to my children just broke my heart. This was the wake up call I needed and perhaps you have been running yourself into the ground lately too…

Reading this blog today wasn’t by accident it was your wake up call, to put yourself first mumma! Make every day count 🌸

So, do something for YOU for once and know it’s important and most importantly ok to indulge yourself with self love & care. πŸ’—πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’†πŸ½β€β™€οΈ ❎The late nighters I need to pull to reach deadlines? -Fuck it! They can wait!

❎Going to that dinner date I agreed too when I’m actually already in bed- Nah, not feeling spaghetti tonight babe, let’s rearrange.

❎Rushing around to every single play date or child’s birthday party in the diary. -Soz Harry’s mum, but we’re busy that day, doing absolutely fuck all in our PJs and we can’t wait!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

For me Self Love and care is going back to basics. I have had to consciously reprogram my mind to prioritise myself with this new thinking…

βœ…Not feeling guilty to have an early night, when it’s needed. Even if the dishes need to be done.. such a badass 🀟🏻

βœ…Putting things on the non urgent list. Shit can wait.☝🏻

βœ…Taking some time out to be ‘me’ instead of ‘mummy’ Thats if I even remember who I was before I was a mother?!

βœ…Making sure I drink ALOT more water (or gin or prosecco πŸ˜‰) βœ…Taking those iron tablets I was prescribed (yuck!)

βœ…Taking my daily vitamins, making sure I am getting exactly what my body needs! My favs are Luxe Health, Skinny Vitamins at the moment ✨

βœ…Eating right & well (with a few naughty treats thrown in!)

βœ…Making sure I have plenty of bursts of ‘me time’ throughout the month. Getting my nails done, grab my fav smoothie ect

I hope this little reminder has made you think, ‘maybe I need to put myself first’

‘Perhaps, I don’t need to feel guilty about doing something for me’ Yass Absolutely!

✨If we don’t love and look after ourselves, how will we teach our children to do the same?✨

With self care in the fore front of my mind, we’re Jetting off to Marbella this week to indulge in the abundance of beautiful views and sunshine together β˜€οΈ

Follow us on Instagram to check out the daily Instagram story’s of what we get upto. (@Bucketlist_mumma)

Nails totally prepped by the lovely Anita Cheetah herself @ACnailsuk

If your thinking about adding vitamins into your daily routine too check out @LuxeHealthUK and use our exclusive discount below for money off!

Until next week, Dream, Discover, Explore

Cherry πŸ’—


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