10 ways to tick off your Bucket List, on a budget!


Whether we have them jotted down or not, the vast majority of us have goals and dreams we want to achieve.

There are places we want to travel to, a once in a life time cruise we wish to go on, sky diving, swimming with sharks, etc. Whatever our dreams are on our bucket lists, there are often obstacles that may be holding us back from accomplishing them. I know a lot of them being on hold, has to do with the budget being tight. Well this is all about to change!

With payday upon us and half term next week, there is no better time than now to start making those memories.

Below is 10 ways you can start ticking off your bucket List dreams, easily and without breaking that bank!

Start living the life you always dreamed of. There’s so many memories out there to be made and id love to help you get there quicker.


  1. Deals Deals Deals! Search for deals to that amazing holiday/activity! I always check discounted sites like Groupon, Wowcher and  Holiday Pirates– From UK days out & breaks to some very tempting 5* holidays.


  1. Think outside the box and Airbnb it! Explore some amazing stays for great prices and personal touches. Castles, Lodges, Mansions are all on here!                                  If staying in an independent accommodation is not your thing, then check out Booking.com using my link, find and book your hotel and receive £15 cash back after you have stayed!                                                                                                   Literally its so easy, the link will take you to the website with the discount code already attached. Once you have checked out, they will email you to process your cash back! Give it a try:


  1. Break the package! Break the habit of expensive holiday packages and purchase your flights and hotels separate in order to make it cheaper! I can always count on Skyscanner to find the best deals on flights.


  1. Be super organised and book in advance! Early bird deals are out there, to be had! I would recommend, buying a diary or calendar and planning your next 6 months out, you may be able to pay just a deposit and spread the cost. Time is just flying by, these dates will soon come around.


  1. Receive It! Ask for the activity/place of interest to be gifted as part of a birthday present (gift vouchers/money towards it) this is especially good for children’s birthdays when it’s often so hard to find something to buy them.                                     The gift of experience in my opinion, wins hands down!                                            Here are some gift experience websites:                                                                         Virgin Experience Days    Into the blue     Buy a gift


  1. Prioritize! Write out your list and highlight off the most affordable and do able ones. Then schedule these into the calendar in advance, over the year to easily get them ticked off. Once you can see it’s coming up, there is no excuse to not do it, especially once you have given yourself so much notice.


  1. Combine them! Can you tick off more than one goal whilst your undertaking another? We was able to tick off being on holiday for Christmas and jumped at the chance to sail on a pirate ship on the same break! We hit two birds with one stone, effortlessly and it was much cheaper than flying over twice!


  1. Compromise! Is ticking off one goal, the same price as 3 smaller ones combined? Are you able to tick off the 3 smaller ones now and next year, splurge a little on the bigger goal? Figure out which works better for your money situation and lifestyle. Compromising often leads to getting what we want, but not always in the way we first thought.


  1. Use your loyalty vouchers/discounts! I bet if you opened your purse you have a ton of loyalty cards in there! Loyalty cards like Tescos Clubcard, are especially good when exchanging your points for treats and adventures out! Have a quick peek and see what loyalty cards you have, ready to exchange for some free fun!


  1. Budget, Budget Budget! Living on a budget to accommodate the really expensive dreams. Calculate how much your bucket list item will cost you and write down the amount you could start putting away or cutting back on in order to save, on a weekly or monthly basis. This will then tell you how many months, you will have the money by, so go ahead and put the date you will GO/DO it on all of your calendars. It is much easier to accomplish a goal when it is written down, plus the extra reminders that you are going in X amount of time will spur you on even more!

I hope this has helped, get you closer to ticking some of your dreams off.

Until next week,

Dream, Discover, Explore

Cherry x

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