Bucket List: ✔️River Duck Racing

Where: Denham Country Park

Cost: £

Wearing: Baby SwaggerOne of our bucket list goals was to race ducks on the river. Preferably whilst getting in and splish splash, sploshing about! Tyler was super excited about this one! Boys! 🙄💦

Armed with clean clothes, towels and new jellies (including mumma, reliving her childhood) we bundled into the car for a short drive away.

We headed down to Denham Country Park, where they have a very child friendly (to some extent) river flowing through.

There is even a finishing line to watch our little duckies pass and a viewing bridge!🦆

The water is shallow and came up just passed Ava’s ankles. She was only one when we went, but she absolutely loved splashing about in the cool running river whilst trying to keep up with Tyler. Falling over here and there, hence that swollen nappy in the pics🙈

The river is shaded by trees, making it perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

We brought little fishing nets with us to see if we was lucky enough to catch (or even see!) some fish or frogs. Nothing to report back on, unfortunately 🐸

The café opposite the bank also sells nets, rubber ducks, food and drink and has an outdoor seating area.

They even cater for birthday parties, which my little explorers would love to host in the near future *Watch this space*

There is plenty of parking, (day rates under £5) and an adventure playground on the other side.

A really cheap and fun day out for all ages!

we will be making a come back again this summer.

Until next week,

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