Mum Shaming in 2018 💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

This week I have collaborated with the wonderful Erika from @_thatgirlerika_ to give my insight of Mum Shaming.

As an open minded, kind hearted mother Erika wants to spread love to others mumma’s and help to stop the ridiculous culture that is mum shaming.

So on that note, I’m kicking off with a little guide (and ultimately big reminder) on what is best for your baby:



C 💗Getting Fed A 💗COT SLEEPING


C 💗 Sleeping
dry nappy ✅ A 💗 SPOON FEEDING




E 💗 Getting fed Parenthood is hard. Fucking hard.

What makes it even harder is all this bullshit mum shaming that’s flying around – day to day and on social media.

In a time where we are more connected than ever, lots of Mothers feel isolated after being a victim of mum shaming.

As if becoming a new mum, wasn’t a tad lonely enough, We now have constant eyes on your every mummying move, Disapproving of OUR choices for OUR-child!

Bore off I say!

So what, if Sharon from baby group thinks it’s disgusting that I still allow my daughter to sleep in my bed. Or that I shouldn’t be confidently breast feeding in public because it’s making people uncomfortable. 🙄

More for her, looking down her nose at me!

Your baby, your choice. 

We are all going through this adventure that is motherhood. You know some of those days when your just merely surviving and keeping the kids alive? Yeah, well that could be the mum loosing her shit at the post office that you was bitching about this morning…

We should be standing together and embracing the ride, giving each other support and strength as we go.

Since when has anything good ever come from kicking others down?

On other hand, I’m sure we are all guilty of a little mum bashing whether we are aware of it or not.

That cheeky comment we make, or face we pull when hear or see something we don’t agree with.

Ultimately I think the major factor in turning mum shaming around, is joining together to support one another. Were all on this journey together, however different paths may be.

Us women are fucking powerful, and when we come together we can rise above anything (even the accidents of potty training or sudeocrem being rubbed across the brand new carpet)

There is no room for bitchyness in a world full of sleepless nights, Saggy tits and baby weaning. 💯

Find your mum tribe and love them hard, whatever their parenting style and choices.

Embrace everyone’s differences and let’s create a better place for our children to grow and flourish in 💗

Pop over to to Erika’s blog to see our full post together 💗 by Clicking Here

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