The Birth Of Mum 🎁

As a mum of two, time for myself is often very limited and scarce, although still super important to me!

Following being admitted into hospital last year for exhaustion, I have vowed to take more time out and invest in my self-care as a priority.

I came across The birth of mum and knew instantly that this would fit alongside my hectic schedule whilst still doing something for me meanwhile.

The birth of mum, is a new fresh and modern subscription service and does what it says on the box! (literally)

Its motherhood empoweredand celebrates us mothers whilst also giving us bite sized TLC to squeeze in those spare 5 minutes here and there throughout the month. There is also beautifully printed ‘quest cards’ inside which have been designed to focus on your self care and personal development.

For me, this is what makes The Birth of Mum stand out against the rest. Where else do you receive such an array of life enhancing products, with tasks to follow to get the most out of them, whilst integrating holistic self care into your busy day to day life?!

With what little budget I keep for myself every month, this seemed a great purchase to invest in me and my sanity!

I mean, who doesn’t like getting surprised gifts to themselves monthly?! 🎁

As mothers, we need a little more excitement in our lives, other than a hot coffee and this is it!! (Oh and I love that it includes free shipping too)

So how does it work? ‘Every month you’ll receive a beautifully curated, hand selected box of goodies relating to a monthly theme.’ – This particular month it’s the Mindfulness theme – ahh sounds dreamy doesn’t it?!

‘Inside your box, you’ll also find a selection of quest cards that encourage you to put self care and personal growth at the top of your to-do list.’

‘Many of the items in your box have been chosen to support you in completing your quests, but there will be the occasional little pamper product thrown in ‘just because’. Sometimes your box will also contain relevant samples from brands we love, however we will always include a minimum of three full sized products in every box. ‘

Opening the box, I felt like my kids at Christmas! Each ‘gift’ perfectly wrapped along with three sealed envelopes with my quests in, nestled into the matching lining of the box.

Each gift and quest is numbered, in order to pair together the gift with the right quest. I just love how the quest cards make you look at life with a whole new prospective. The Birth Of Mum is certainly giving us the right tools to reconnect with ourselves once again, with personal development at the very heart of this company.

1️⃣ My Quest Card: Paradise is not a place; Its a state of Consciousness: along with a beautifully designed glass sand timer

2️⃣ My Quest Card: Everything has beauty – but not everyone sees it: along with a stunning sterling silver plated Lotus flower bracelet.

3️⃣ My Quest Card: Mindfulness is most effective when its woven into the fabric of our lives – not just when we need it most: along with (my favorites of all) a handmade face mask, a raw chocolate bar and a much needed aromatherapy roll on. can I just say this roll on by Villiers London smells divine and just sets the scene for you to relax into the background (with no need for alcohol, waheyyy!)

It’s worth noting that the box it comes in, is in itself so beautiful! It’s more like a gift box! With the gorgeous rose gold logo engraved on top, perfect little addition to my dressing table.

✨wanna try it for yourself?✨

Pop over to their official website and invest in you Mumma, you deserve it!

It’s also worth mentioning that you can purchase one off boxes rather than commit to the subscription service…

Check out our exclusive discount code below, to knock off an extra 10%! 💗

until next week,

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