✅Bucket List: Get Lip Fillers

Bucket List Goal: Get Lip Fillers
Where: Chiswick, London UK
Cost: £££+ Depending on clinic
Whilst I do not want to promote body image and cosmetic surgery, I think it is important to talk about and most importantly give the facts on fillers as, in my opinion, it can be a life changing treatment for some people.
Please note, these are my personal thoughts and views on how my experience was and I am not being sponsored by anyone to review this procedure.
Being a mother, I always felt I shouldn't "bother" too much about my appearance, when I have babies to put first. However on the other hand I truly believe a happy mumma = happy babies and this was something I really wanted to have done. 
Whilst I have always had pretty full lips, the likes of Kylie Jenner had me lusting over the perfect pout. Its something I have thought about and researched over the last two years and has been on my personal bucket list for ages. 
From trying all the lip plumping glosses on the market and reading up about the risks involved, searching for a trained local professional and even watching the procedure being carried out on youtube, I have finally gone for it!
There is so many brands of Collagen and Hyaluronic acid fillers on the market these days, some being introduced at rock bottom prices, its easier to see why many just get it done without knowing the risks or what they are injecting into their faces.
After looking into what was available with the nurses/doctors I was considering using, I knew I really wanted Juverderm Vobella as it was widley praised as the best for subtle enhancements. Juverderm also have a filler called Volift which is praised for its more noticeable enhancement yet still natural.
I choose a trained Nurse to carry mine out, of whom I have had many great recommendations about. She has her own clinic on the high street which made me feel more at ease. I don't think I could ever have gone to someone's "home clinic" to have something like this done!
When I arrived, I was given a consultation and we discussed what I wanted to achieve. After filling in the consultation form, we agreed on 0.5ml which was all I needed and she proceeded to apply the numbing gel.
The pain was uncomfortable and perhaps I would have preferred the dental block or more numbing gel as the needles enter the tissue from the side of the lip, going in pretty deep.
I have come to realise that now after my treatment when I speak to others about how uncomfortable it was, they completely agree with me. Where as before, the pain was apparently "not that bad"
Be warned - it hurts even with numbing cream ok, I don't care what anyone says!
As soon as the treatment was over, I was in love with the end results. 6 months on they are still full and feel really natural. I went with 0.5ml as I only wanted a little more volume and my cupids bow to curl up, giving more definition.
Even though lip fillers are not there forever, it is still a big deal and there are things you should know before you make a decision.
- Which brand do you want?
- How much filler do you need?
- Will they be using numbing gel or dental block?
- Will I be happy for them to last approx. 4-6 months before a top up?
- Can I risk having an allergic reaction? (the risk is 1-3%)
- Where do I find a reputable doctor to administer this treatment?
Add lip fillers, onto your bucket list:
  • Download the app 'Real Self' and research professionals.
  • Review website Good Surgeon Guide can help you find information on qualified, highly trained surgeons around the UK.
  • Recommendations are key! Ask around for recommendations.
  • Know your budget - prices start from £100+ for 0.5ml, compare brands/prices

    Until next week,