8 Halloween Traditions that are here to stay!


With Halloween just around the corner, now's the perfect time to get ready to start some new family Halloween traditions! Here's 8 of what were doing this year!


🎃Go Booing! - Order your FREE Kit here 

I absolutely love this idea! It’s a lovely way to get the kids in the mood for Halloween and introduce them to the concept of “paying it forward” which I’m a big fan of.

Booing involves making some home-made goodies and secretly dropping it off to a friend or neighbor’s door step with a note asking them to do the same.

The excitement of ringing the doorbell and running away without getting caught, is as much fun as them trying to work out who has ghosted you!

I have designed a Booing Kit for all my readers, so pop over to the shop to get yours completly free now! (They will only be available until 30/10/2018)


🎃 Family Halloween Photo

Photo Credit : The Costume Works

As you know, I’m big on preserving the memories!

Have an annual family Halloween photo together so you can look back on your awesome costumes and how much you have changed in a year -Extra points for coordinating outfits!

Make a spooky backdrop to stand in front of, for added effect. It can be as simple as cob web draped across the wall with little spiders dotted around all of which can be picked up from the £1 shop.

 🎃 Host a Scary Movie Night

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Draw the curtains, get out the snacks and watch a movie that will scare the pants off the whole family! Why not invite friends and family over and make an evening of it.

Here’s some suggesting for your scare-tastic night!

-Monster House

-Monsters, Inc

-Addams Family


-Edward Scissorhands

- The nightmare before Christmas

- Hotel Transylvania


-Hocus Pocus


-Room on the broom

-The haunted mansion

-Spooky Buddies

-Scooby Doo

-Toy story of terror


🎃 Decorate a Halloween Tree 

Hobby craft sell a very versatile twig tree suitable for all seasons to decorate, which we use as our Halloween tree as well as for other holiday celebrations. The one were using this year, pictured above; is actually from a store on ebay from £12! I couldnt resist the glitter branches and it has its own built in LED lights. However if your on a budget, you can find a suitable tree branch and pop it in a bucket of sand, your good to go!

Have fun looking for decorations out of nature – we love a concor or pinecone painted in glitter to hang off the branches. You can be as creative as you can!

I actually found chocolate eyeballs (pictured) from the pound shop and used a hot glue qun (very quick) to stick string around to create littlee hanging loops. Now to keep the kids from eating them....


🎃 Pumpkin Carving/Decorating

Possibly one of the top traditions family’s love to do year upon year! As a child a remember getting stuck in and removing the gooey brains of the pumpkin ready to carve and decorate.

For little ones, why not try cookie cutter pumpkins? Using cookie cutters, get a grown up to carefully tap it into the pumpkin to cut out perfect shapes.

There is a new craze for perfectly painted and alternative ones this year, will yours be a beautiful unicorn or pumpkin bomb of glitter?

🎃 Go Pumpkin Picking

For us this is something we look forwards to every year!

Nothing gets you in the mood for autumn and Halloween more than visiting a pumpkin patch and carefully picking out which pumpkins to take home. Most pumpkin patches will often have Halloween events on too, a quick google will pull up events near you! Don't forget to dress up when you go! the fields make amazing backdrops to capture their Halloween outfits in!


 🎃 Halloween tin can bowling

Photo Credit: Homebnc.com

Super simple to make and play! Collect some used and washed out tin cans, decorate and have a game of Halloween bowling whilst eating spooky homemade treats!


🎃 Trick or Treating – with real Tricks! (sensory play)

 Simple Halloween Sensory Play from Housing A Forest

Adding some extra fun to trick and treating, by creating a bin full of Halloween inspired slime.

Head over to Kiddienpreneur for the slime recipe, adding in glitter, plastic spiders, food colouring ect Giving it very spooky feel.

For younger children, make it baby friendly and use edible ingredients, such as pasta and tinned tomatoes mushed. You can even buy jelly worms and spiders

Put your hands in to fill what’s inside to get a prize! Will you dare to reach inside?


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