✅Bucket List: Walking Alpacas

Bucket List Goal: Walking Alpacas
Cost: £-£££ depending on your accommodation type
Address: Godshill, Fordingbridge, The new forest, SP6 2JZ

Just touched down in Laaaandan town, back from the most amazing little get away! Can you tell I’m still buzzing?!

Tyler has been a little obsessed with Alpacas and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty happy about this bucket list request, they are soooo cute!!

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We found that Sandy Balls holiday park in the beautiful new forest, offers Alpaca walks through the forest. So, no better excuse to book a little holiday here and tick it off our bucket list, hey!

About 2/3 hours from London,(depending on how much your toddlers kicking off) it was a pretty easy journey. However, we travelled up after the school run on a Friday, and by the time we made it to the new forest, it was PITCH BLACK. I’m talking, so dark you think you start seeing things, as there is no lighting.

We made it to Sandy Balls and checked into our beautiful wooden lodge to settle down for the night.(See the gorgeous wooden lodges on our YouTube video below)

Sandy Balls is owned by Away Resorts and they have an app to make it super easy to book all your activities online. Few clicks and we was booked on the alpaca walk in the morning. Amazingly, you only pay for the alpaca you are walking, so the £20 charge enabled us all to join in!

We was so lucky to have the most glorious shine and blue skies, although the weather was very chilly. When we met with the Alpaca keeper, he told us the whole of half term had been raining and all the children had been drenched doing this, so we was even more grateful for the beautiful day.

After a brief introduction and about 2million selfies with Pickle and Archie the alpacas, we began our walk.

Tyler took hold of Pickle's rein first and then swapped for Ava to have a go. At this point she's not even 2 yet, so this really is prefect for the whole family, whatever the age!

Alpaca's are very gentle and calm, especially towards the children. I like to think of Alpaca’s as fluffy sheep with long necks, and it’s basically like taking your rather large dog out for a walk. Tyler held his reigns first and had to show him he was the boss by guiding his way through the forest, trying hard to remember what the keeper had told him; Alpacas love to roll in dust on the floor, and so Tyler was instructed to drop his lead and wait till he had finished. They literally wanted to eat all the shrugs and bushes along the way, which was funny at first until we were stop-starting for about 10 minutes whilst they grazed.

We walked through the forest up onto "Good Friday" hill to look at the most spectacular view with our little fluffy friend and then back around the grounds, passed the campsites.

We then returned to the square, and after a few more strokes and pictures, we had to say our goodbyes. Watching two very excited alpaca’s bouncing around knowing it was now time for their lunch, was adorable!

10/10 for this experience, we absolutely loved it! Pocket friendly family fun, and I (may) have even burned enough calories for a Starbucks after the stroll!  We have come home a little obsessed with these gorgeous animals and would highly recommend doing this experience to any of you looking for some family fun getting up close and personal with the alpacas.



Add walking Alpacas on to your Bucket List:

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