Bucket List: Visit Drogarati Caves

Bucket List: Visit Drogarati Caves
Address: Drogarati Caves Sami, 280 80, Kefalonia, Greece
Entry: €5 with free parking 

Drogarati Caves lies 120meters above sea level and descends to a depth of 95 meters. This natural phenomenon was only discovered after an earthquake revealed the entrance to the cave nearly 300 years ago!

The roof and floor of the cave are encrusted with stalagmites and stalactites which have been created by lime deposits in the water that has been filtered through the rocks above. The estimated grow rate is a tiny 1cm per 100 years!

The cave is renowned for its acoustics and has been the host to several concerts which take place on a special platform.

This little experience will test your fitness level as you really have to put in the work before you get to see this beautiful natural cave.
Wear trainer type shoes as there is literally like a million of steps to get down before you reach the caves openings.

- The easy steps at the entrance!

As you step deeper and deeper underground you can feel and smell the dampness. This also means the steps can become very slippery so hold of tight to the handrail & step carefully. If children are coming, then holding their hand very tightly due to the nature and surroundings of this experience, as its pretty hazardous.

I would also recommend babies being in a chest harness to keep your hands free and them safe and secure.

However as they say, the best things come to those who wait and your journey deep underground will be well worth it.

There is a café and a shop right out outside for you to crawl too which also conveniently has a free swimming pool! So if you fancy a dip, be sure to bring your swimming costume!


📸 Melissani Cave Lake - A rare geological phenomenon - truly amazing!

Missasani Lake caves is around 5km from Drogarati Caves, meaning I was able to tick off another bucket list goal in the same afternoon.

This rarely happens so what an achievement! Read more about my experience by clicking here.


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