Bucket List: Visit Melissani Cave Lake

Bucket List: Visit Melissani Cave Lake
Address: Melissani Cave Lake, Karavomylos, Sami, 280 80, Kefalonia, Greece
Entry: €7 per person with free parking 

We travelled to the beautify Melissani cave lake (also known as the cave of the nymphs) which is located at Karavomylos, about a 45minute drive from where we was staying in Skala and just 2km northwest from the town of Sami.

The unique cave structure with its crystal clear turquoise 'sunken' lake enclosed inside, first opened to the public in 1963 after it was discovered in 1951.

With its cool waters reaching depths of 39 meters and its spectacular underwater reflections, its an absolute geological phenomenon that has to be experienced!

Photo Credit- Greece-is.com

- Getting ready to board! 

Entry is just €7 which includes the guided boat trip around the lake. (Tips not included) You will be welcomed aboard, onto small rowboats and gently tour around the lake, basking in the suns rays as it bounces off the water.

I would say this is suitable for all the family, although it is on water with passengers not wearing life jackets, so children need to be supervised closely at all times.

There cave is 160 meters long and 40 meters wide with a small 30cm island to one side. As you pass through the narrow water way of the island,you can see the bats sleeping in the top of the cave.

The waters here are both salt and sweet. The salt water comes from the sea which is not far away and the sweet water comes from a natural sourced placed around 20 meters underground.

The experience lasted around 15 minutes but was well worth the entry fee. I just wished I could of swam in here it's absolutely stunning, but of course it is forbidden.

I wore sandals and found it fine to walk up and down to reach thelake, however more sensible shoes would be advised as the entrance is 20km below the surface which involves steps and a very steep slope. (Cue lots of panting from me!) Pushchairs cannot be taken down the ramp, so babies in arms is a must.

Upon exiting you arrive into a gift shop which serves souvenirs and has a small café selling light bites, ice creams and drinks.

I would recommend visiting here between 12 noon and 2pm, when the suns rays are stronger making the reflections down here truly amazing.

We then went on to visit the Drogarati Caves. It's only 5km away from the lake so of you have enough time I would really recommend experiencing this too!
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Hopefully this beautiful lake cave will now to, grace your bucket list. It really is an experience that I felt made me appreciate the natural beauty this world has to offer, even if some are hidden - It adds to the adventure!

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