Here comes the bride - 4 nights in Kefalonia



Jetting off to the beautiful island of Kefalonia, I was full of nerves yet bubbling with excitement.
One of my best friends was about to tie the knot in what has been one of the most looked forward to, events of our lives!
My bestie Anjeli or the CEO of Beach Dolly Boutique as alot of you know her (go to for a stalk!) has always been so creative and daring with her style. Naturally because she's ultra organised and partly because she's been planning this wedding since she was 7! 😂- I couldn't wait to see her hard work come together under the lush greenery and the golden greek sun.

So here I am sharing with you my magical break in Kefalonia and this stunning Greek wedding I was so lucky to be apart of!
I've listed all the things we have done If you would like to experience some of these yourself.

✈️☀️Booking the flights & Heading to the airport

We headed over for 4 nights and stayed at the luxury villa where the wedding would be taking place. Wedding party privileges and all that 😉

We booked our flights seperatley using sky scanner as it works out the best/cheapest flights available for your dates and then booked train ticket as transfers to and from the London airport's. I cant recommend this site enough!

As our flights were to and from different London airport's we weren't able to park the car and fly like usual, so this time we opted for a change and took the train in from London Liverpool Street.

Wow, it's definitely worth your while as the transport links make it quicker and alot easier. The train takes you right to the airport door! No need for cabs nor worrying about traffic delays enroute! And at a cost of £33 one way for both of us, it was for sure cheaper.

We arranged to hire the car and collected a small 5 seater upon arrival.

Kefalonia has lots to explore and hiring a car was the most convenient option to get us where we wanted to go.

Taxis are available but can be costly; Its approximately 40 Euro from the airport to Skala.

🌊🧜‍♀️🌸Boat Party - Sailors & Mermaid Style
Boat - Captain Vangellis Boats & Cruises

Pick up-  Odos Skala Poros beach front - opposite the beach and jetty
Details- Private party packages available like this - please enquire.


If there was ever an excuse to get glammed up and go extra it was this!
Anjali & Marcel treated their guests to a boat cruise and sunset beach BBQ a few days prior to the wedding.
Donning our sea shell clad bikini tops and handfuls of glitter we boarded the boat and took to the sea.

See Beach Dolly Boutique's website for more Extra AF beachwear 😍👙

After a gentle cruise out we docked for a swim. The boat had a diving platform off the top and also a water slide taking you straight into the sea!! My Inner child was immediately up for this!

We quickly changed Into a swimsuit, (FYI Beach Dolly costumes aren't for belly flopping into the sea!) and took the leap of faith into the crystal blue sea below.
Well, I took a leap of faith, miss beach dolly here decided to jump without me when we counted to three and I leapt off the side! 😂
She eventually jumped and the rest of our party already in the sea and on a near by cove erupted in cheers whilst we splashed around in pure wanderlust.

The cove we docked at was set up for a private BBQ over sunset and we ate, drank and took selfies until it was dark!
What an amazing start and welcome to the Byfield wedding! 

💆🌊 Pre Wedding Day Relaxation Spa
Aspostolata Island resort and Spa Hotel


The day before the wedding we booked into the Aspostolata spa to soothe our sore heads from the boat party and to melt away any nerves for our bride to be.
The hotel & spa arranged this private event and we had the whole spa to ourselves for the afternoon, absolute bliss!

Slipping into our fluffy white robes and slippers we was guided into the spa where two banquet tables of lush fresh fruit, finger nibbles and champagne on ice awaited 😍 #HEAVEN

The spa is situated below ground and the spa pool is a jacuzzi of which it's ceiling is actually clear glass to the hotel lobby above. Pretty cool, kinda freaky!

Throughout the afternoon, one by one we was ushered into our treatment rooms for a little pampering session.

I went for the salt sea scrub and for the whole of the 45 minutes felt like I was drifting in and out of a relaxed sleepy daze. Unreal 💆😍

👰💍☀️The big fat greek wedding day

After two years in the making we woke up on thursday morning to the day we had all been waiting for! #ByfieldWedding

In true bridesmaids style we ran around in our matching silk dressing gowns undergoing our bridesmaid duties, steaming dresses, helping each other with final touches and most importantly supplying our bride to be with Champagne.

The villa has the most lush grounds surrounding the pool and overlooking the sea below. With clear blue skies and warm sunshine lavishing the wedding set u, It was the perfect backdrop for the perfect day.

And just like that the morning was gone and it was time to take out girl to marry her man!
Walking down the isle as we "rehearsed" is totally different when emotions were high and you have a sea of guests turning to stare at you whilst remembering your steps. I can't even imagine how the bride felt if us bridesmaids were that emotional!

It's all about the details at weddings isn't it?!
Every single detail was on point and this just became the most instagramable day. Most of them are up on my Instagram page now. Check them out!



As well as these events we also managed to squeezed in some sight seeing around the island and was able to tick another two more experiences off my bucket list:

🛶🌊⚓Missasani Lake caves - Wow is all I can say!!

We then went on to visit and tick off another bucket list goal: the natural wonder of Melissani cave lake. Read more about my experience by clicking here.

📸🇬🇷 Drogarati Caves - A rare geological phenomenon - truly amazing!

Missasani Lake caves is around 5km from Drogarati Caves, meaning I was able to tick off another bucket list goal in the same afternoon.

This never usually happens so what an achievement! Read more about my experience by clicking here.

Until next week,