Decluttering and making extra cash

After a long summer, it's time to get organised for my children to return to school and nursery!

I too am excited to get back into a routine and become laser focused on slaying some more of our bucket list goals, especially our Wedding! (Read more on my wedding blogs here)

This means finding and making extra cash to fund these experiences and so I thought I'd share with you what we have been upto to kick start it for September.

You can also read more about how I fund my adventures here

So since the early hours of the morning, I have been sorting the children's wardrobes out, adding in all of Tyler's new school clothes and started gathering piles of old clothes and shoes that no longer fit.

Ive done this for the whole family and its definitely not for the faint hearted 😉😅 make sure you allocate time to get it done. 

Decluttering and organising is something I really enjoy doing, although sometimes I underestimate the task in hand! However, once it is done I love the blissful feeling that decluttering brings.

Here's how I declutter and make some extra cash towards our bucket list fund...

1. Remove all clothes and shoes that no longer fit/wear from the wardrobes and bring the pile to one area of the house to be organised. You can also get household items and toys that are also unwanted. I like to do the sorting and organising in my bedroom as it's comfortable on my bed and there is good lighting. 

2. With 3 black bags/storage boxes, label each with the following:

Charity, Sell & Recycle 

Seperate and sort all your items into these 3 bags and your ready to go! 

3. Items that are for charity, I bag up and pop in the boot of my car straight away, ready to drop off to my local charity shop so I won't forget! 

4. Items that I wish to Sell, I use the car boot app Shpock or Facebook Market Place as there are no selling fees with either and the buyer collects from you locally. 

Gone are the days of sitting in a field at 6am trying to sell your stuff at a car boot! Get your smart phone out and start earning some cash!! 

When you think about selling online, I'm sure 8/10 you will instantly think of Ebay. However, I tend to avoid Ebay now, as they charge to list and then take a percentage after the sale and then PayPal also take a cut on the money made. Cheeky! 

There are other selling apps (some that charge) such as





Some items I list for free if I just need them gone, but most will be from £1 upto £40. It doesn't sound like alot but when you have multiple items for sale the extra cash adds up quickly! I also find that when you have multiple listing, buyers will often purchase a few things from you at once! 

5. Items I am going to recycle, again I bag up and drop off at my local clothes recycling center or clothing bank. Find your local drop off point here. Or if your in London find yours here.

Once you have bagged them up, try and get it into your car straight away so you don't forget to drop them off.

I truly believe that no clothing should ever go to landfills, recycling can make such a difference to the world we live in and others who we share it with.

According to "When clothing is left to rot in landfill or is burned in incinerators, they release pollutants which are not good for us or our planet."

Do the right thing for everyone and recycle unwanted clothes and fabrics.

6. The items I am going to sell, I literally just open the Shpock app, take a few snaps of them laid out flat or hanging up in good light, add the size, brand and condition and upload it. Done in under 30 seconds! Its so easy 👌

I hang mine off the TV, haha!


I then neatly fold up the items and pop them Into storage containers and keep in the hallway ready for their buyer to collect. 

Having them organised in containers means they can't get damaged and you know where they are. 

I use these containers from Argos, they stack nicely and aren't too bulky. 

The pound shop, B&M and The Range also have great storage solutions.

I recently found out about Marie Kondo and she's got a really different and inspiring approach when it comes to decluttering. I found her series on Netflix and I'm hooked!

After the declutter I go back through my drawers to apply Marie's method of folding. She folds clothing into small parcels which helps you see everything at once in your draw. It also deflates the clothes and maximises the amount you can store. Its a game changer!!


As you can see, I like to fold my slogan t-shirts wider than Marie's way, so I can see the design on the front. Play around with what works for you!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if your interested in how I fund my adventures for Bucket List Mumma, you can read the post by clicking the link above. 

Until next week,