How i fund my adventures


I get asked rather a lot, how am I able to go away so much and tick things off my bucket list constantly, whilst having a young family...

The truth is that I do not have loads of spare money, or get a million freebies, I just budget, plan and save. Plus I'm always on the look out for a free day out!

I do work with brands and are fortunate to be gifted days, products or discounts, however I only share with you, things and places we are truly passionate about and think it is worthwhile you visiting.

As a mother I think we are very good at juggling and budgeting naturally, but with my anxiety I find if I'm super organised that also helps me curb the anxious feelings. Therefore my budgeting ways are a little OTT for some, but ill share them with you in the hope that it will help you get more out of your year. ♥️

My method of making sure I am able to fund a bucket lists goals is by using the envelope system.

I came across this envelope system some time ago by an American mother - The Budget Mom and have been using it ever since. It works buy separating each of your goals into individual envelopes and writing on the front your the amount you need by a deadline date and then working out, how much every month you will tuck away inside.

You can use any kind of envelope - I like to use these plastic wallets which I just hand write with a marker on the top. Once I have achieved this goal, ill just spray the writing with hairspray (removes it real quick!) and then wipe it off and start again. They are available from The Works, pack of 5 for £1!

However The Budget Mom, has free printable ones here

Here is what is on my list:

- October Half Term fund - I am aiming for £130 extra cash so I can use this for days out throughout October half term. Inside the envelope I have also listed out exactly what I will be spending the money on - EG. £35 trip to the Cinema, £50 pumpkin picking day out and lunch, £30 Halloween event tickets.🎃

- Christmas!!! - Very excited about this one! It's always good to be prepared and so we keep money aside for lots of festive food and activity's in December. 🎄🎉

- Our Honeymoon Fund - Damn expensive but we keep adding to it monthly and hopefully we vaycay somewhere on our bucket list!

- Hen Party Decorations - If you didn't know, I am actually planning one of my hen partys myself and I have a fund I keep adding too for all the decorations I plan to buy for it. Every month, I top it up a little. Its definitely going to be a party to remember!

I designed the new Adventure Boxes around this concept, where you can place all your hopes and dreams inside and after filling your years worth of cards in with the cash envelope, every month you then open an envelope to see what your next adventure is. Check out the new Memory Making Store here.

Back to funding my adventures... here's a list of my top tips that I always have in mind...

1. Use Tesco clubcard points to buy entry to your days out. These work especially well with theme parks and restaurants.

2. Keep an eye out for deals... I find Ashleigh money saver, holiday pirates, Groupon and Wowcher are great for days out at discounted rates.

3. Special promotions! - We visited Legoland Windsor at the start of the year by using the suns savers vouchers, which cost £1.50 a ticket!!

4. Sign up to newsletters for the places you want to visit, and any special offers will get emailed straight to your inbox which I check daily.

5. is literally my go to girl! As someone who loves a weekend away, love this website! Its full of amazing stays at good prices and there is always the option to book a reservation with free cancellation.

I use any discount codes I can, in order to get cash back on my stays using this website. You can use my affiliated link here to receive £15 cashback from your next stay with (which I will also receive cashback too)

Although I run this blog, I also work part time as a PA so my days out are always carefully planned in advance. I'm well aware that time is passing so quickly our children are growing up faster than we may like to think. This makes me even more determined to enjoy our bucketlist together and I hope I can inspire you to get the ball rolling on yours too! 

Im also a big fan of decluttering and recycling, you can read more on how I declutter and make extra cash by clicking here.

 Until next week,