Preparing for New York & Vegas

Hitting club dirty thirty hasn’t been all bad... my sister brought me the most incredible birthday present which is helping me to tick off 2 more bucket list goals; to visit New York & Vegas! One lucky Mumma, right?! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Last weekend I headed down to my local shopping center: intu Uxbridge, to pick up some new holiday clothes, change up money and plan the trip in more detail, with help from my other half. 💑

As this holiday will be a girly one (just me and my sister) this shopping trip been a good excuse for CJ and I to spend some quality time together, and who says no to Shopping & a cheeky Nando’s anyways?! 

Let the shopping commence!

intu Uxbridge is fab for holiday prepping and shopping, I found there was everything I needed under one roof! I wanted to grab some new winter clothing and stock up on all those cute travel sized lotions and potions. The center even has Eurochange so I could change up those dolla dolla bills (yo!) 💰💰 at the same time!

If you needed to pop into a travel agent, there is TUI right outside the station, on the high street too.

still can’t quite get my head around the fact that New York is going to be super cold & yet Vegas is going to be more or less T-shirt weather!

Whilst I’m super excited to experience both, this has caused a dilemma with packing! I’m going to have to pack for different temperatures  yet squeeze it all into one case! 😅 talk about first world problems! Ill tell you more about that next week...

How I like to Plan & Prepare:

As someone who is pretty OCD when it comes to organising, prepping and packing for a getaway, I like to make a list of everything I’m taking away and then another list of what I don't have and need to buy.

I have added my lists to the new freebie section on the shop, where you can order your own free printed copy too. Click here to grab yours now

A few days before I had planned to go shopping, I made sure to fill in the check list, after rummaging through my wardrobe trying to find everything I wanted to bring. This enabled me to write a list of what I'm taking and what I need to buy, listed as two sections; hand luggage and suitcase.

I took this list with me to make sure I got everything I needed, I hope it comes in handy for you to.

For someone who loves shopping, I feel like I kinda loose a little self control if I don't have a list to remind me of what I actually need, rather than what I want. This also goes when I have my children with me, I'm so distracted on making sure they are in tow and not adding random things into my basket, I cant fully focus.

Take it from me, prepare before and take the list! You'll thank me later!

Table for two please!

During the afternoon we decided to grab some food so we could chat about all the sights I plan to visit and fill in another section of the holiday planner.

Being parents of two, we rarely get some time to ourselves, so we fully embrace the time we get to spend together one on one and eating out is something we love to do whenever we can.

Luckily the shopping center has so many fabulous restaurants to choose from and I've heard there is even more restaurants opening here this year! 

Our go to place for good food and good vibes in a relaxed environment is definitely Nandos. There is one situated on the outside of intu, on the high street. We ordered a feast (this girl can eat!) and plotted out my game plan for when we arrive in the US!

 Inside the holiday check list, there is also a two page section on things to do and see, which is ideal for brain storming all the sights and extras you fancy doing on your travels. 

As my sister had surprised me with this trip for my birthday, I have a few surprises up my sleeve for her too, which was great to be able to get CJ's opinion on them over a late lunch.

Note that you can also use your intu gift card to pay in any of intu's restaurants! How handy is that!

What I brought:

So I didn't need a huge amount of things, but managed to grab everything except my mini toiletries which I decided to get at the airport once we are checked in. I did however, pick up some little bargains which I was chuffed about!

The river island fur boots were half price, just £20! and the scarf was such a lucky find in New Look for a fiver.  

I will know just need to wash everything and pack it into the suitcase ready to go!

The countdown if officially on! 

Next week I will show you how I pack and organise my hand luggage and suit case, ready to head to the airport. I will also be preparing myself, to leave my babies for 7 days, the longest I have ever been away from them so ill be documenting this also 💗

Until then, check out the new Freebies Shop where I will keep adding new and useful tools to help make your adventures amazing!

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