A year till our bucket list wedding!

Suddenly summer 2019 rolls by and just like that, its less than a year till our wedding!

How quick time has flown by, I cant quite believe I get to say, were getting married soon!

So with that in mind, I have really stared to pull my fingers out and have been finishing off our wedding invitations to send out.

From the start I didn't want to spend a huge amount on them, they just get thrown in the bin after, don't they?

However giving it more thought, I am kinda torn, as I think wedding invites completely set the tone for your wedding, and it gives your guests a taste of what's to come. I was going for classy and glam, do you think they represent that?

With this in mind, I've really gone for it, opting not to have someone else make them for me, so I can put personal touches on them and enjoy some crafting. This also helps to keep the cost down as it all starts to add up very quickly!

As our wedding is abroad, I've found it quite hard to not be fully involved as a lot of the planning has been sorted out by my wedding planner in Cyprus. She's been able to sort my caterers, our photographer and cars ect and so I've been doing quite a lot of little DIY bits just to have things how I want.

We are flying with TUI and have ordered an extra case just so we can fly these extra bits over and to be honest its working out cheaper to do this, than to hire a lot of things.

I made these invites by purchasing the paper and card separately from small businesses via ebay store as I really do try and support small businesses where I can.

Save the dates: I found a small business who sell personalisable tags that come printed on card, ready for you to cut them out. This way it keeps the cost down and also helped me DIY it more quickly as I didn't have to play around with designs.

I also purchased small magnetic strips that were ready to stick onto the tags, I hid them by putting them on the back of the tag as they were string enough to stick the whole invite to the fridge.


Wedding Invites: The lace inserts were actually brought before I even had a colour scheme! As soon as I saw them I was in love and had to grab them straight away. They are so versatile, and you could make invites with just this lace surround.Our colour scheme is gold and ivory and so I felt like the glittery gold just made it stand out.

Without giving too much away, our wedding is most definitely the most expensive and largest item on our bucket list, apart from owning our own home mortgage free.

I have designed a lot of things for our guests as little extra touches which ill be adding to the Freebies section of the memory making store for you to download after our wedding.

I cant wait to show you more of my wedding DIY and Buys as the year goes on. Follow the full wedding journey with us here for more blog posts. 

Until Next Week,

Dream, Explore & Discover x