Turning memories into jewellery with Treasures Jewels & Ashes

One of my 30th birthday presents (and one of my favs!) was from my partner and it’s such a wonderful and precious gift that I wanted to share it all with you, especially as Christmas is just around the corner! 

He had heard about cremation jewellery and since loosing my Nan who has been a huge influence (and also a big part of me starting this blog) in my life, knew Instantly, that i would absolutely love this! 

Cremation jewellery consists of blending the ashes of a loved one into glass. There are various colours, shapes, different jewellery available. The thought of having her with me all the time, gave me a warm feeling that also gives me comfort now she isn’t here. I want to know she's with me, on all these crazy adventures we embark upon!

He wanted to surprise me but couldn’t bring himself to handle my nans ashes himself, in case... I don’t know -sneezed and dropped her all over our living room! She’s too precious 😉

So due to this, he explained what he wanted to do and I set about finding a UK company that would be able to make me a necklace at an affordable price. 

I came across the Treasured Jewels and ashes website and couldn’t believe how beautiful the products were. Their prices are also affordable, so there really is something for everyones budget.

I was looking for a necklace that I could wear everyday aswell as when I get married. I chose to have the pendant in a stunning blue so she can be my ‘something blue’ on our big day. I’m super excited to be able to wear it!

The owner, Kate emailed me confirmation of my order pretty much straight away and sent me instructions on how to get my nans ashes over to her. I am surprised at how easy it was to do and how fast I received my order! 💝

I have made a short video below, so you can see how beautiful turning a memory of someone into beautiful jewellery, is.

Don’t forget to take a look www.treasuredjewelsandashes.com

If you place an order, make sure to mention “BUCKETLIST” in the comments box to get your FREE ashes key ring! (mines in yellow, my nans favorite colour)


Until next week,